FMP – FinalMajorProject

Decided to call my FMP_ eleven

The areas that it will cover_

Description of the project
Technique development [concept ideas]
Audience experience [emotional feeling behind it]
Quotes/ Phares used [Layout]

Importance [interviews/image resource/primary/secondary]
Questions to ask to get the most out of the experience
Significance of shadows & light
Type in space

Creation of shadow
Creation of letters through shadows
Creation of words through shadows
Results > Next Step/or back to Concept

Analysis & Reflection
My own
Use of technology
Future Direction [Where else can this be used?]


After careful decision, the outcome has been changed in order to communicate the the correct information.
After the presentation; a confusion into what I wanted to communicate was not picked up upon. The question had to be asked, what would be the best way of communicating my source without sending out the wrong message and offending different demographics?

The outcomes will still be; print/motion/3D.

  • Print_ Will be a editorial zine that will communicate the events that took place of the innocent villagers that were running away from the ‘Dark Ages’. The pages would illustrate the darkness that they had to hide in to get through their lives. Maybe in a Frank Miller style visual communication, but still legible visually and typographically. Each double page will hold a interview taken, with its own designed typographical heading. Another inspiring graphic design is Swiss-born graphic designer, Anouk Rehorek. Her book design – Identity Sucks! – is the first project of World Identity Lab, where the book communicates the teenagers life goals from all over the world, and asked why. Another editorial piece by Anouk Rehorek is – A Guide Magazine Issue 01 – a magazine that  “builds on the quality and power of creativity, searching for mentors and proponents and transgressing current lifestyles.” The main focus of the magazine is to highlight the historical and current success stories of creatives and companies which have grown through the different generations.
  • Motion_ This will involve vox pops of the interviewees juxtaposed with illustration and typography to communicate to the audience. By simplifying the different visual communication techniques, it allows the demographics to understand what i am trying to put across. Not too obvious, grungy, but also as though it is a hidden message displayed to try and prevent other observers from understanding.

IDEAS so far for posters_



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