Updated Portfolio for March 2014 | Download

My updated portfolio can be downloaded from this link http://bit.ly/1gD2YAU .


Soi Project Island ((IKON)) – 27 May – 22 June 2008

“Established in 2003 by Japanese architect Jiro Endo and Thai artist Wit Pimkanchanapong, Soi Project is a group of artists, musicians, architects and designers engaging audiences in interactive and social situations. Soi launched Ikon’s new Eastside space in May 2008 with a three-dimensional island,an imaginary land mass made from a composite of satellite images drawn from Google Earth™. The passage of time on the island was simulated through the use of lighting that gradually shifted from night time darkness through brilliant daylight over a 24 minute cycle. Visitors were encouraged to influence the landscape and occupy areas of their choice by attaching templates of buildings, swimming pools and beach umbrellas.”

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An exhibition that took place at the Birmingham Ikon Gallery of a landscape model, created in topology style, and allows the visitors can interact, walk around, and be part of the exhibition. A huge inspiration to how I would be setting out the whole layout of my ‘Final Major Project’, creating an environment where visitors can be part of and interact and feel the same emotion of the refugees that ran from one village to another.

Taste.Birmingham // B.hive Brief

What do you need to create//

Birmingham’s culinary diversity needs unifying under one umbrella identity.
A name and logo mark that can easily be displayed participating restaurants to promote their contribution to Birmingham’s culinary diversity. Your concept should be shown in a range of uses to show its versatility. The level of finish is up to you but the judges will be looking for strong and original ideas, as well as at the polished end result. It is important to show your thinking and the process you went through to arrive at the end result. Scamps, sketches and workings out are always looked at favourably.

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