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Rebranding Citir Bildircin [Crispy Quail]


On a late Tuesday night, I thought create a project of rebranding a well known Quail Meat company in Northern Cyprus called ‘Citir Bildircin’, which translates to Crispy Quail.

What offends me is that N.Cypriot branding is very 80s, mundane and ‘Comic Sans’. (Designers would know, we HATE Comic Sans). So, there I was, opened up their existing brand, and thought…’Microsoft Clipart’ & text thrown together, another words, lets cut corners and think about the product making us money. This is what lacks within the country, they think that the product itself would increase profits, but in fact it’s the branding and marketing that would push it to the top.

My ideas for the rebrand was more on the lines of simplifying their ‘Quail Clip Art’ and creating typography would be recognised. I wanted to add value to the product, even when it was sold at reasonable prices. I’ll be creating, business cards/log book/stickers/cover letters/Facebook & Twitter designs, and maybe, just maybe they’ll be interested in changing their branding.

Citir Bildircin Yurmuta (Crispy Quail's Eggs)

[Their existing quail egg branding]

[Their existing poultry branding]

Revamped, and with a clean edge. Would love to hear subscribers thoughts.



Taste.Birmingham // B.hive Brief

What do you need to create//

Birmingham’s culinary diversity needs unifying under one umbrella identity.
A name and logo mark that can easily be displayed participating restaurants to promote their contribution to Birmingham’s culinary diversity. Your concept should be shown in a range of uses to show its versatility. The level of finish is up to you but the judges will be looking for strong and original ideas, as well as at the polished end result. It is important to show your thinking and the process you went through to arrive at the end result. Scamps, sketches and workings out are always looked at favourably.

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